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Windsond is a weather balloon system for an immediate view of local conditions at different altitudes. The focus on portability and low operating costs makes it perfect for frequent use in the field.

  • Uniquely small size
  • Save precious helium and canister size
  • Real-time wind, temperature, humidity profiles
  • Predict and control landing location
  • Reusable sondes for best economy
  • Reliable sonde recovery even days later
  • User-friendly ground station software
Overview of Windsond operation

Overview of Windsond operation


“We find the weather balloons a useful demonstration tool that excites the students that are able to take part in the launch.”

“What can I say about Windsond – it was absolutely brilliant!!! My student and one of the local PhD students did some really great work.”

“Windsond is an enabling tech for researchers”

“I’ve done a couple of soundings now, and so far I’m very happy with the system! The mobility is a real plus – with no need to carry a big helium canister, we can launch a series of sondes anywhere. And the software is very easy to use and sensible output formats.”


Here is the Windsond product catalogue (1.1 MB).


Here is a Windsond product flyer (0.3 MB).

The small size and ease-of-use make it possible to launch Windsond launched from a regular car:

Windsond is developed by the Swedish company Sparv Embedded.

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