The customer can use his own laptop running Microsoft Windows or acquire one from Sparv Embedded.

Performing a sounding requires a valid software license file. Reviewing a previous sounding is possible without a license file.

2014-03-25 status panel falling  2014-01-05 plot 358m

Sonde control

Bi-directional radio communication with the sonde before, during and after soundings

Check sonde status at a glance with the sub-system status panel   2014-03-25 subsystems

Check sonde status and behaviour

Choose sonde cut-down altitude trigger

Predict, visualize and control sonde landing location to make sonde recovery easy

Follow the balloon live on Google Earth or OziExplorer, right from launch to landing

Support for 8 simultaneous sondes (customizable)

Support for multiple receivers

Weather data

Show weather data and visualization in real-time

Review weather conditions even as the balloon ascends

Automatic averaging and interpolation of measurements

Access to raw and averaged values

Weather conditions are reported in graphical and text formats

Output to ten different data formats

Load earlier soundings to revisit the measurements or replay the flight. This includes controls for jumping and fast-forwarding in the sequence of events.


Sparv Embedded looks forward to serving your specific needs with custom software development.

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