Windsond Testimonials

“Our Windsond operations have been a successful endeavor. Our use has been twofold: education in elementary and middle schools, and boundary layer research. We used the Windsond system as a complement to a research aircraft. The aircraft could get soundings down to 1000 ft (ca 300m), and we would launch a sonde to that height directly underneath to instantaneously complete the profile. We have used the reusable radiosondes S1H2-R.

We have done about twelve launches total, with four of them reused, and have not yet lost or damaged a single one!

The sondes work very well. In terms of performance, they seem to do exactly as advertised. I have found that the antenna has better reception when attached to a large sheet of metal (car roof). We have trained about ten students to use the system, and involved nearly fifty others in hands-on operation; this amounts to about half of our department. The software is easy to use and the landing prediction has thus far performed as well as possible.”

– Timothy B Keebler, Millersville University

“I have been using the Windsond system in pretty harsh conditions in Puerto Rico. I have to say that it is has been responding efficiently. I particularly like the ease of use. It merely takes us 2-3 minutes to set up and launch. The other system we had in the past would take 15-20 minutes. We have used the single-use radiosondes S1H3-S.

I also really like the software, the standard graphs displayed are very effective; I think plenty of thought has gone in to it. My undergraduate research assistants are learning quite a bit.

On almost all the times, the sondes reached a maximum height of 10 000m. We are in the tropics. Except ones when it was caught in a thunderstorm.”

– Prathap Ramamurthy, The City College of New York

“I’ve done a couple of soundings now, and so far I’m very happy with the system! The mobility is a real plus – with no need to carry a big helium canister, we can launch a series of sondes anywhere. And the software is very easy to use and sensible output formats.”

“What can I say about Windsond – it was absolutely brilliant!!! My student and one of the local PhD students did some really great work.”

“We find the weather balloons a useful demonstration tool that excites the students that are able to take part in the launch.”

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