Windsonds focus on portability and low operating costs makes it perfect for frequent use in the field.

An electronic sond (“radiosonde”) connects to a small helium balloon. While it ascends through different air layers, it transmits telemetry data to a receiver on the ground. The receiver consists of an antenna, USB device and a regular Windows laptop. At a specific altitude the sond detached from the balloon and falls back to the ground where it’s easily recovered for reuse. Special algorithms lets the user direct the sond to a suitable landing site.

A major point is the extremely low balloon payload weight. At only 12 grams (0.42 oz), a mere 30 liters of helium is used. This gives a low cost for helium and balloon, and allows the use of a helium canister as small as they come — 1.5 kg.



Sonde reuse

Methods overview

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