2016 New Year Reflections

fireworksAs 2015 turns into 2016, it’s time to reflect on Windsond and its role in the world. There are also reflections for Sparv Embedded, the company behind Windsond.

First, I want to direct a big ‘Thank You’ to the customers and others who give valuable input on how you wish to use Windsond and how we can improve the system.

2015 was the year when Windsond started gaining a wider circle of customers. Previously, Windsond customers often had to learn of us by hearsay. During 2015 we visited ISARRA in Oklahoma and we exhibited at MTWE in Brussels. Here we got in contact with a much bigger range of customers and learned more of the market.

Business-wise, this also means a lot for our ability to put more resources into the further development of the system. 2015 has seen incremental updates to the system. Visible improvements include 1 hertz updates, support for eight simultaneous soundings, support for external sensors, on-board logging and some software improvements. In the background, we have improved our manufacturing capability, measurement accuracy etc. Now we have started to enhance Windsond from a basic radiosonde solution to a more versatile and polished system. This work continues into 2016.

The case for affordable and portable weather measurement systems is growing stronger. 2015 is shaping up to be the warmest year on record. Climate change continues to increase the frequency and severity of adverse weather events throughout the world. Right now, several big weather incidents are unfolding around the world.

In the USA, storms, floods, tornadoes and snow storms wreak havoc and kill dozens of people:

In northern England, excessive rains cause record floods and massive damage:

Several countries in South America also experience massive flooding due to a strong El Niño:

With respect to all human tragedy and economic damage, this highlights the pressing need for more pervasive measurements to improve weather forecasts for decision support. It’s our sincere wish to alleviate the suffering caused by sudden weather conditions by designing tools better suited for predicting these conditions. As we deal with the daily tasks of running a company, we must not lose track of this goal.

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