NO2 sensor design with KNMI


We have had the pleasure to be visited by KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) representatives this week for a workshop on developing their novel NO2 sensor. We had a very productive workshop on practical design, measurement principles, project planning and also touching on eventual business ventures.

NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) has a strong negative health effect. Due to a degradation time measured in minutes or hours and the low background levels, NO2 is a clear indicator of nearby pollution. The gas is almost exclusively produced from combustion, making the sources easy to pinpoint. This makes sampling NO2 suitable to make detailed maps of urban pollution.

With a resolution around 1 ppb and response time 1 second, the KNMI NO2 sensor has a unique level of performance considering the weight and price. Once fully developed, this will enable mobile measurements of this important gas.

Sparv’s thoughts on sensor commercialization

Here is our overview of the work needed to develop a sensor from idea to product. The text is based on the experience of Sparv Embedded, but is valid for any project.

Path to sensor commercialization

Please get back to us if you have any thoughts or inputs.


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Sparvio updates and summer holidays 2018


We have changed product name for the UAV sensor system from Sparv Sensors to Sparvio. Have a look at the new web page We hope you like it.

Summer is soon here and as usual our team will be on summer vacation. We will leave the office mid July and be back mid August.
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Sparv Newsletter – January 2018

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Windsond Radio Receiver RR3 available

2015-09-25 RR3 ethernet dual antennas gps (for newsletter nov 2017)The RR3 radio receiver with Ethernet connector is now available. It is similar to the RR2 radio receiver, with a weather proof design to ease operations in inclement weather. You can find more information if you follow this link: RR3 Radio Receiver

Swarmsonde is in the news

Swarmsonde launch

Researchers from Penn State University used Sparv’s novel instrument “Swarmsonde” for a research project earlier this year. The purpose was to capture thermodynamic data within and around a tornado. The data obtained will help explain how tornadoes are formed. This new instrument can measure up to 32 sondes at the same time and stay in the air for more than an hour. Click on Swarmsonde for specifications about the sounding tool.

News article from MTWE:


Exhibiting at MTWE 2017 in Amsterdam

MTWE 2017

Sparv Embedded will have a booth (no. 4018) at the MTWE event in Amsterdam (October 10-12), and also hold a presentation on October 11th at 10.30 on Sparv Sensors.
If you will be there, we’d like to meet you! Please notify Anders at if you are coming and want to meet.

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Summer holidays

IMG_20170711_174232Almost all of the Sparv team will be on summer holiday July 17 – August 14. It will be very nice after a fun but stressful spring. We will have limited access to email. For inquires, try That is your best chance to get a response. We will try to answer your emails as fast as we can!

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