Windsond tracks sky lanterns

A Brazilian team has started using Windsond to track big sky lanterns. The construction and launch of these massive balloons are a traditional festivity in Portugal, Brazil, Mexico etc. The size can be ten meters and require several persons to launch. Here’s an example, though not from the same team:

For this occasion, Windsond was equipped with dual thermometers and a thermistor to measure not only the ambient air temperature but also the temperature inside the balloon envelope. During the first measurements it turned out the internal temperature rises to over 220 ºC.

The organisers were happy about the novel combination with Windsond:

I congratulate the excellent equipment developed! As this is a very significant cultural activity, many “globeros” were moved to see for the first time as their balloons move like snakes in the sky.

Windsond will track the balloons to improve airspace safety, to find and clean up balloon remains and to predict the flight path and landing location of the balloons. There are also plans to let Windsond control the balloon.


Back from ISARRA

2015-05-22 ou-1024pxAnders is back from the ISARRA conference in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. The conference was hosted on the University of Oklahoma campus drew around sixty meteorology researchers from Europe and USA. It was very interesting to see the ongoing developments in UAS for weather measurements.

Oklahoma is actually a center for weather research and forecasting. One explanation is how Oklahoma is a hot-spot for extreme weather as it is in the so-called “tornado alley“. Storms, tornadoes, floods, large hail, lightning. Anders passed by areas that had previously been hit by ferocious tornadoes which killed people. The week Anders spent in Oklahoma saw more than its fair share of extreme weather. It was the rainiest month on record and the TV channels were busy showing weather radar pictures and following forming tornadoes. It was very clear how important the weather is to everyday life in Oklahoma.

The Windsond radiosonde met with great interest, both for use as-is and as potential part of bigger systems. We will follow up on the contacts and we hope for many exciting use cases — and to help predicting the dangerous storms of central USA.




isarra_logo Sparv Embedded is working on extending the Windsond system to also support using a UAV as vehicle for measurements at altitude. This will allow meteorological soundings without utilizing balloons or helium, making the equipment even more portable and making soundings even less expensive than with the Windsond radiosonde. We believe this holds great potential for both existing users of radiosonde technology as well as new markets and we have filed for a patent for our method.

As a step in this development, we will participate in a conference by “International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely piloted Aircraft”, ISARRA. The conference will take place in Norman, Oklahoma, USA from May 20 to 22. Oklahoma has a long and rich tradition in both weather research and aviation.

At the conference trade show, we will also showcase the Windsond miniature radiosonde. Maybe see you there?

Higher simultaneous soundings count

The Windsond firmware has been improved to support 8 simultaneous soundings. The previous capability was 2-3 sondes. With firmware customization, even more simultaneous soundings are possible.

Meteorological Technology World Expo

meteorological_expo_banner-crop-391pxWindsond will be exhibited during the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels 13-15 October. The expo is the largest of its kind in the world and Sparv Embedded is excited to be there. We’re already planning for the event and also hope to unveil product news there.

To quote the web site;

Meteorological Technology World Expo is the must-attend event for any company or organisation looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. Now in its fifth year, this truly global exhibition attracts over 150 exhibiting companies and 2,500+ attendees from over 70 countries.

New year

2013-04-29 Launch 2Happy new year to all Windsond users! 2015 will bring a lot of news. I (Anders Petersson) am now working full-time with Windsond. We can look forward to a new computer software version, improved marketing and support materials, exposure in existing and new markets and new product development that we can’t disclose yet. The ball is really set in motion.

We have received inquiries and orders from different markets around the world and will make sure to fulfill customer requirements as well as possible. We’re excited to continue to develop the Windsond system for you!

Are you interested in capturing data of your local atmospheric conditions? Questions or feature requests? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

UAV manufacturer buys Windsond

cybaero-logoWe are proud to announce that Swedish UAV manufacturer CybAero has bought a Windsond system. CybAero develops unmanned helicopters as one of very few companies in its particular niche world-wide. They are growing rapidly. With a recently received order worth over 100 million USD their future looks bright.

CybAero plans to use Windsond to gauge weather conditions for test and demo flights around the world. Situated in the same city as Windsond manufacturer Sparv Embedded AB, CybAero is already highly aware of the capabilities of Windsond. The sale is a recognition of how usable and economical Windsond is in field operation.


Product catalogue update

A new product catalogue is available as PDF. There are no product news but the format has been updated to reflect the new company name Sparv Embedded AB.


OziExplorer support

Two simultaneous soundings plotted with OziExplorer

Two simultaneous soundings plotted with OziExplorer

Windsond now adds support for OziExplorer. Since before, Google Earth could be used to visualize the movement of sondes during soundings and to see the predicted landing locations. Now OziExplorer can be used as an alternative. OziExplorer has better support for offline maps which can help if operating without an internet connection.

OziExplorer is a commercial mapping application, also available in a free version with limitations, and a trial version. The support starts with Windsond software 1.52. Enable the support in the Settings dialog.

Sparv Embedded

19-courier-bwThe company behind Windsond has changed name in the process of incorporation. The company is now known as Sparv Embedded AB instead of Kiwi Embedded. The company logo is new but operation continues as before and all agreements, warranties etc naturally continue to be honoured.

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