2013-02-17 packet

Product Catalogue

Find full specifications and options in the the Windsond product catalogue (1.1 MB).


  • Measure wind direction, wind speed and temperature
  • Hygrometer to measure air humidity and dew point (additional option)
  • Barometer to improve the altitude accuracy from 100m to 7m
  • Simple sonde activation by a switch. Sounds indicate when the sond is ready for launch.
  • Sonde peak altitude configurable by user, also during flight
  • Maximum altitude 5-8 km (17-26 thousand feet)
  • Radio link with programmable frequency and transmission power.
  • Specially developed error correcting code for more robust radio link.
  • No heavy metal content for small environmental impact

Ground station

  • Review weather conditions even as the balloon ascends
  • Weather conditions are reported in graphical and text formats and exported to file in “Winds” format
  • Automatic averaging and interpolation of measurements
  • Follow the balloon live on Google Earth, right from launch to landing
  • Multiple sonds and multiple receivers are supported
  • Change settings with convenient graphical user interface
  • Keep another sond in the car to compare the positions of the balloon and the car
  • Load earlier soundings to revisit the measurements or replay the flight
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