Next-generation enclosure

1An associate has created the outline of the next-generation enclosure for Windsond.

The current enclosure is a regular styrofoam cup, meant to hold hot or cold beverages thanks to the insulating properties. This works surprisingly well for a weather sonde, both in terms of aerodynamic properties, low weight, insulation and access to interior. The very low cost is also a bonus. The circuit board is designed to lock in place inside, for a snug fit.

Still, a commercial product can do better. Even lower weight is achievable. Replacing the battery and balloon tether thread can become easier. The insulation can be improved, allowing operation at higher altitude. The size can be reduced to about 50%.

These CAD renderings give an idea of how Windsond will look once large-scale production is started. Apart from the advantages listed above, the product name is printed on the side and grooves on the top eases opening the sonde for service. The sensor boom with thermometer and hygrometer is shown in green. The telemetry antenna sticks out below the sonde. Barometer, GPS and other components are protected inside the enclosure, as they are today.


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