Back from ISARRA

Anders is back from the ISARRA conference in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. The conference was hosted on the University of Oklahoma campus drew around sixty meteorology researchers from Europe and USA. It was very interesting to see the ongoing developments in UAS for weather measurements. Oklahoma is actually a center for weather research and forecasting. One explanation is how Oklahoma is a hot-spot for extreme weather as it is in the so-called "tornado alley". Storms, tornadoes, floods, large...


Sparv Embedded is working on extending the Windsond system to also support using a UAV as vehicle for measurements at altitude. This will allow meteorological soundings without utilizing balloons or helium, making the equipment even more portable and making soundings even less expensive than with the Windsond radiosonde. We believe this holds great potential for both existing users of radiosonde technology as well as new markets and we have filed for a patent for our method. As a step in...

Higher simultaneous soundings count

The Windsond firmware has been improved to support 8 simultaneous soundings. The previous capability was 2-3 sondes. With firmware customization, even more simultaneous soundings are possible.
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