Art project

Windsond was used as part of an art project, Art By Space. The project carried balloons with paint high in the atmosphere, where the balloons burst and spread the paint over a canvas.  

Boundary-layer glidersonde

The idea of a radiosonde that incorporates abilities of radio-controlled airplanes has been around for a long time. The vision is a radiosonde that is not disposable, but instead uses wings to glide back to the starting point or some other designated landing site to be recovered and reused. The objective is to save costs, especially if more expensive payload is attached, such as particle, ozone or radiation sensors. The concept is naturally called a "glidersonde". Prior work NSSL at NOAA...

Announcing “Sparv Sensors”

For some time, we have been working with atmospheric researchers to add instrumentation to quadcopters and radio-controlled airplanes. These are also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS). This is organized in the ISARRA community. Now we announce a system specifically for this purpose, Sparv Sensors. It removes the need for researchers to also be engineers when setting up UAVs to measure temperature, humidity, gases,...


Anders is back from ISARRA in Toulouse, France. The conference regards Atmospheric Research using Unmanned Aircrafts. The conference had about 80 visitors from research programs and companies in Europe, USA, Japan and Korea. Anders also observed the flight campaign the week before in Lannemezan. Thank you to Meteo France for organising this useful event! Next year it will be hosted by The Scottish Association for Marine Science in the UK, with a flight campaign at Met Office...
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