Sparv Development Update

Still a lot going on!

Sorry for the silence on the website. All Sparv members have been so busy lately that the blog has been some what forgotten. We would like to say that development of our UAV sensor equipment Sparv Sensors, new Radio Receiver RR2 and the Android software app are going good. We are now talking weeks instead of months. We even shipped the first RR2 to a customer this week, which is a big step in Sparv’s short history (see picture).

RR2 and Android – The RR2 that was shipped this week with some minor issues, which have been corrected in the next version. If everything goes according to the plan, it should be ready to be shipped to customers during the next month. Make sure to order your RR2. It will optimize your sounding experience considerably as you can operate cordless on the ground via Bluetooth! Please read about it: The accompanying software app for Android is also on the verge of being ready. If everything goes to the plan, we will have a beta version ready in a few weeks time!

Sparv Sensors – The new complete plug and play sensor solution is getting close. Sparv will test the system in just a months time. We are very excited about it and believe Sparv Sensors will be a great addition to the toolbox of atmospheric instruments. Follow link to find more information.

If you have any questions about our products, please send an email to:


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