Windsond tracks sky lanterns

A Brazilian team has started using Windsond to track big sky lanterns. The construction and launch of these massive balloons are a traditional festivity in Portugal, Brazil, Mexico etc. The size can be ten meters and require several persons to launch. Here’s an example, though not from the same team:

For this occasion, Windsond was equipped with dual thermometers and a thermistor to measure not only the ambient air temperature but also the temperature inside the balloon envelope. During the first measurements it turned out the internal temperature rises to over 220 ºC.

The organisers were happy about the novel combination with Windsond:

I congratulate the excellent equipment developed! As this is a very significant cultural activity, many “globeros” were moved to see for the first time as their balloons move like snakes in the sky.

Windsond will track the balloons to improve airspace safety, to find and clean up balloon remains and to predict the flight path and landing location of the balloons. There are also plans to let Windsond control the balloon.


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