Plug-and-play instrumentation for UAV

A system specialized for collecting atmospheric data from moving platforms. Supports both fixed-wing UAV, rotary-wing UAV and balloons. Easy to use: All sensors use the same connector and are automatically detected by the system without configuration (plug-and-play). A range of different sensors selected for fast response time, low power consumption and low weight. Logging and optional telemetry, with ground station for Android tablets for control and visualization. Future-proof design. Compatible with Windsond radiosondes. sensorkit-system_skiss-640px Further information: PDF 656 KB The presentation from ISARRA in May 2016 that outlines Windsond and Sparv Sensors is here: PDF 3 MB

One of the views in the Android app, showing instant readings (prototype version)

One of the views in the Android app, showing instant readings.
(This is just a proof-of-concept version and will be greatly expanded.)

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