Kosan Gas Nordic Hot Air Balloon Championship

Kosan Gas Nordic Hot Air Balloon ChampionshipCurrently the Windsond system is being used at the Kosan Gas Nordic Hot Air Balloon Championship, July 1-5. The organizers release a sonde before each briefing to help the event director Les Purfield (UK) to set the tasks for the upcoming flight. Before the launch period the organizers release another Windsond to provide the latest winds for the 13 competing pilots + 5 Fiesta balloons.

The weather conditions so far have been really good for balloon competition and many pilots state that they are very happy with the Windsond soundings that are being provided by the organizers.

Right now Windsond is being offered at a special price for hot air balloonists. Please contact info@windsond.com if you are a balloonist and are interested of buying a Windsond system at a reduced price.

Here are some links to the competition Facebook page and media coverages (in Swedish):
Nerikes Allehanda (News paper)
SVT (Swedish television) (the story starts at 2:00)

Photo: Lennart Lundkvist, NA

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