Swedish Ballooning Championship

The Swedish Hot Air Ballooning Championships is taking place now between April 27 and May 1. The pilots and crew of nine hot air balloons compete for the top position. The hosting organization is Dalslands ballongklubb. The location is the plains and forests around Kroppefjäll, to the west of Sweden’s biggest lake Vänern.

Windsond is used by the competition meteorologist along with other data sources to get a picture of the expected conditions for the next flight. Each flight of the competition needs to be planned ahead to be challenging and fair for all teams, and the weather conditions play an important role in the decision. Here’s a picture gallery in Swedish of how they use Windsond.

Two of the teams also cooperate in using Windsond to get detailed weather information during their flight. Up to four receivers are used to get real-time wind data to pilots and crews at the same time.

Of the seven soundings made so far, all sonds have been recovered and set up for new soundings. Predicting and controlling the landing location is working out well. At one point the competition organizers saw a sond drifting towards lake Vänern and could abort the sounding to save the sond.

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