Swiss National Hot Air Balloon Championship

Below is the verbatim report of Windsond during a big ballooning event.

Wind measurements during Swiss National Hot Air Balloon Championship (SMHL 2014) in Bischofszell, May 28th – June 1st. 31 balloon teams from 6 European nations started at the Swiss National Hot Air Balloon Championship (SMHL 2014). For more details of the competition see

Claude Weber (Luxemburg) leaded the competition as Event Director and Daniel Gerstgrasser was consulting meteorologist. We did at least one wind measurement for the task setting of each flight. All wind measurement were done with windsondes .We started the measurements typically two hours before the task briefing. Daniel Gerstgrasser presented the results of the wind measurements in his meteo report to the pilots during the briefings. For some flight we also measured the wind after the briefing near the launch fields of the hot air balloons and the pilots have been invited to consult this data. Most of the pilots used this opportunity.

Claude Weber and Daniel Gerstgrasser have been very impressed by the good quality of the wind measurements.

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